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Platform game project - Egg Hunt - Post #7

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Very little progress with the finishing touches. But one nice little addition is the ability to select level sizes in a settings screen.

Near as I can tell, what would be left to call this thing finished would be some music & sound effects, a title on the title screen, a proper instructions screen, a save feature, an improved game over screen, and maybe moving the maze size setting to main title screen as it's the only setting I'm inclined to make available (unless some crazy motivation suddenly kicks in). If for some reason motivation does kick in again, I'm likely going to just do what I listed there without getting into any further additions. If not then this current build looks like the last one.

I've reached the point where I'd rather play the game than work on it. Between running smack right into the wall of project fatigue and some assorted family unpleasantness, I've severely lost motivation to finish this project. Probably doesn't help that the music that I had hoped to use for this game will never be recorded. It hurts my musician to pick up his guitar any more and so it has been given a permanent place in my home where, despite being warned not to, my failed attempt at tuning it has popped a string. Not like I could ever play the thing anyways. And yeah, my musician not being able to play anymore and the family unpleasantness are the same thing.

Latest build here.
General instructions can be found here.
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