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Demo Progress

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I got some of the assets for the first room of the demo completed; here's a screenshot:


The lines/boxes are just debug info so that I can ensure that all of the nodes and links are setup properly (as well has helping me identity where a new link/node needs to be added.) You can see that I need to adjust my sprite's offsets and node positions for the trash can and desk.

Any and all suggestions/critiques would be greatly appreciated!

If anyone is interested in the two icons for the inventory, you can get them from my OpenGameArt.com profile: http://opengameart.o...rs/programmer16

Another screenshot, this one without debug info. I added a plant, a soil item, and some shadows.


Though the art isn't turning out too terrible, I think I may still look for someone else to do it at some point.

As soon as Akira is done, I'm off to bed. I'll post some more soon.
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