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Deepfall Dungeon - 3d models

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Originally I planned for all the walls to be flat 2d polygons, with a plain texture placed on top. This means I don't have to worry about making 3d objects, texturing them, placing them in the world etc.

However my artist is amazing and he has made 3d models before. He has made some units which lock together and look really cool. Basically instead of a 'cube' to represent a wall, he has created a model. These models are duplicated and it was really easy to replace my primatives with his models.

It makes such a difference to have proper 3d, I might even implement a 'look' control which lets you look around (currently the view is locked to 90 degree angles).

I've just about got the magic spells implemented, all I need now is a levelling-up screen (where the player can increase his skills) and a shop screen, which will allow you to sell items you don't need, buy upgrades, new weapons etc.
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Looks really good, has a great atmosphere. But be careful, even if you are able to create better art for certain assets, it bears always the danger to break the consistency. And a consistent style is very important.

Nevertheless, keep up the good work.

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Does the camera instantly switch the viewpoint when turning or does it do a smooth transition? May want to start there.

As for the transition: you could just change the angle a constant value every frame, but that may look too artificial. You may instead use the sin() function so it goes slower at the beginning and the end but faster at the middle, which would look much better, especially if the player turns multiple times in a row.

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I agree with Ashaman73, be sure to keep all graphics with the same style and feel. If you're going to keep using 3D, just make sure not to over do the textures with too much depth and 3D detail making everything look way out of place.

Looking great so far!

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Agreed, same style is key to keeping the quality up. It has to all look like it was meant for the same game, like it was just mashed together for a school project so to speak. Looks good so far though, keep it up.

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