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New Beginnings

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So as this is my first entry, in my first blog, it's actually a bit intimidating as to what type out. Do I rework this until I come up with something meaningful, or just throw out the first thing that comes to mind? Do I go into some great depth with what my purpose is here, or do I simply let the blog speak for itself over time. In the end, I think I'll take the lazy route and just throw this out there and let it be what it will.

With that, I have begun a new endeavor. I have dabbled in game development for some time now. I've done straight C++ and then went on to poke around Ogre some. I then looked to going to more "refined" (read 'easier') route and delved into some XNA. That spark kind of fizzed out and I got busy, and didn't do much game programming for some time. Finally, a few weeks ago I got the bug again, and when trying to decide how to apply it, I decided to give the Android a shot. I had learned Java, so thought this might be a good way to try and apply it. I picked up an Android Game Development book, and have been plugging away for some time.

So, now I'm at the point where I'm looking to dig into my first couple of projects outside of the book. While I have a couple games in mind (in increasing difficulty), I'm going to start with something known. A Pac-Man clone.

I did not realize prior to researching how in depth some of the AI is for Pac-Man. Each of the 4 ghosts has very distinct and specific AIs that they utilize. It's actually a pretty interesting system, and implementing all of this logic will be a good "work out". This gives me a game to create that's a little bit beyond a simple pong or Tetris (which I've done), but I don't have to worry about coming up with the game design.

The only real change I'm planning on making from the original Pac-Man is the art assets. At the recommendation of my brother (who is my artists for everything I'll be developing), we'll be borrowing Om-Nom from one of my favorite android games, cut the rope. He'll be eating candy and stars, and getting chased by spiders.

With a short term test bed game and a couple of original game designs planned (to be revealed at a later time), my brother and my game development venture is under way.

Face Punch Games.

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Recommended Comments

That sounds like an interesting concept with OmNom!

Something you may want to consider, is adding new worlds of levels for your game, similar to the boxes in Cut The Rope. Also, potentially string as the map borders?

Anyway, I hope to see more on this project!

Good luck!


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I like the idea of using the different boxes to represent different worlds in the game. Great idea! I'll look at using string for the map borders, but I was thinking about using spike strips (from Cut the Rope as well).

I appreciate the feedback.


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Nice first post. Hopefully I can learn a bit about the programming side of things by reading this. Looking forward to working on this project.


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