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Steam Greenlight? ...and a few other things

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Servant of the Lord


Valve just announced a new way for developers to get onto Steam. They're calling it Steam Greenlight.


Basically, developers early in development start posting stuff about their game, and if the community likes it enough, they upvote the game, and if the game gets enough community support, it brings increased awareness of the game to Valve who are more likely to release the game on Steam once it is finished.

Steam Greenlight will go live August 30th, which is 50-ish days away. I'm seriously thinking about putting AdventureFar on Steam Greenlight.
Hopefully, I'll actually-truly-for-real have the editor functioning enough by then to have good screenshots of my game to submit, as well as video of me walking around a town. We'll see if I can get it done in time.


On another note, I use MinGW, and I'm also loving alot of the new C++11 features. MinGW released a new version last month, bringing it up to GCC 4.7.

I also use QtCreator as my IDE of choice, and furthermore, I use the Qt API for native GUI widgets for the editor. Unfortunately, some of the Qt signal-and-slot macroes choke up C++11 with GCC 4.7, and makes the whole code refuse to compile.

If anyone else is running into the same problem, the solution can be found here.
Basically, you fix the broken Qt macro, which interferes with C++11 user-defined literals.
#define QLOCATION "\0" __FILE__ ":" QTOSTRING(__LINE__)

You can fix the define in QObjectDef.h (without recompiling Qt).
([size=2]Note: This fix has already been patched into Qt 4.8.1, but I'm still on Qt 4.7)

([size=2]Error messages included for increased Google-abillity for others encountering the same issue:)
inconsistent user-defined literal suffixes '__FILE__' and 'QTOSTRING' in string literal
error: unable to find string literal operator 'operator"" __FILE__'


I'm working to get the interface up and running for adding/deleting and manipulating floors and layers of area chunks. Here's a screenshot:


Almost done. The logic has been there, behind the scenes, since before I even had a dev journal. It's getting everything connected to interfaces that take all my time. laugh.png


Other notes: Last night and the night before last, I knocked out the rough draft for the final section of the final Act of the game, including the ending scene. I still need to touch it up, and fill in the fine details and step-by-step events, but at least now I know how the game ends:

[spoiler]It fades to black and then the credits play.

[rollup='Anti-spoiler']Actually, I'm going to just crash to the desktop in the middle of the last boss' death animation, and 'accidentally' delete the save file, so nobody ever gets to see the ending scenes. tongue.png[/rollup][/spoiler]

Here's the current status of the plot (rough guesses):

Act 1 - 100% rough drafted, 25% fine details (the beginning third, and some later sections)
Act 2 - 90% rough drafted, 10% fine details
Act 3 - 30% super rough drafted, 10% fine details on a piece of scrap paper somewhere
Act 4 - 70% super rough drafted, 5% fine details (the ending)

I came up with some new side quest ideas for the final act as well, and some enemy ideas.

Maybe I'll knock some more out later tonight. I really need to marshal all of it together and at least get all the Acts 100% drafted.
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I too am interested in Steam Greenlight... though I doubt i'll have enough complete by the time it launches to have anything interesting to show. It'll be interesting if the community turns out supportive or... something less than desirable...

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Interesting news, I think I will give it a shoot too. I plan to start the closed alpha at the end of august, so it could be the right time. Though I don't think that my game will ever be finished to be released on steam when working only after job and family, but I hope that steam will support alpha/beta funded releases in the future and this seems to be a good start.

Thx for the news.

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Awesome, I'm glad other GD.netters are submitting things at the same time.

Gnoblins already has at least one Greenlight thumbs-up - I've been following your journal for awhile and am really impressed, though I haven't tried the pre-alphas yet.

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Thanks for the Qt/MinGW heads up. Not come across it yet (we use 4.7 and Qt at work) but if we do, I'll look super-smart now :)

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Might want to hold off on that, actually! More problems have come up, despite compiling fine, and now AdventureFar is refusing to run.
I'm trying a full IDE + SDK + MinGW re-install, and will update the entry with the results later.

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This is interesting indeed, might try it myself when I have enough to show for it.

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@Aardvajk: Bah, well, the fix I mentioned works fine but, unrelated to that, GCC 4.7 is really buggy, as mentioned in [url="http://www.gamedev.net/topic/627706-sorting-vector-containers-in-c/page__p__4957988#entry4957988"]this post[/url]. They seem to have fixed it in GCC 4.7.2, which hasn't been officially released yet, and I'm having a heck of a time trying to get it installed properly, so I'm rolling back to 4.6.2 until MinGW 4.7.2 is released officially. [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/angry.png[/img]

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Steam Greenlight looks like a good thing, thanks for the pointer!

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