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Hello World!

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Hello World!

I cant think of a better way to start off a journal on a programming website smile.png

Anyway, Hello. My name is Matthew and I have been programming in Java for 4 years now, and for the past year and a half I have been writing games in Java. These projects have been varied from making a Pong remake to start with, and some other game remakes. I gave an RPG a go, however I lost interest in this. I have also had a bit of fun with 3D game programming, however, the logic for things such as collision detection so far have eluded me, so I'll stick to 2D. So that brings me onto my current project.

I am making a Rogue-like, as I love playing games like this, having a nice big dungeon to explore, items to find, bosses, shops, all of that great stuff! I know some people lose interest in this sort of thing, but I cant think of anything better smile.png

The game is called Beyond The Light, and I am really enjoying programming it!

So far, there is:

  • Random Dungeon Generation
  • 2 Enemies, and 2 Towers (Enemies that will fire projectiles at you)
  • An auto play feature for testing the higher levels
  • ~450 items which are randomly generated at the time of dropping
  • Particles and particle effects for events like, picking up an item.
  • A currency system, which will be expanded upon with the shops

    And there is so much more I am planning on adding! I dont want it to be so repetetive that it like:

    Run around dungeon.
    Return to start of dungeon.

    I want it to have quests, a level system, bosses, over worlds, forests, religions, and so much more!

    It is a massive idea inside me, and I am constantly expanding the scope, and what is being added! Unfortunately, I have put adding new content on hold, so that I can finish optimising the code behind the scenes. The engine being used, is one I have been developing for around a year now, it is a 2D tilebased engine, which will handle any tile size and quite happily render them. I have also created a 3D version of it using OpenGL and LWJGL.

    Anyway, thats enough from me for today!

    Thanks for reading, and see you next time smile.png

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