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Assimp3.0 SDK is now released

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Hi all,

I am very proud to announce our new 3.0 release of the Assimp Importer Library:

And here are the release notes:

  • New export interface similar to the import API. Supported export formats are Collada, Obj, Ply and stl.
  • New import formats are [font=arial, sans-serif]


  • A new experimental importer is also there M3
  • Vastly improved IFC support
  • A new API to query importer meta informations like supported format versions, full name, maintainer info etc.
  • A new post processing step is there: Debone.
  • The Ogre XML importer was reworked
  • Hundreds of bugfixes
  • Unified nameing and cleanup of the public headers
  • Improved Cmake-build system
  • Debian package supported

    You can download our SDK at http://sourceforge.net/projects/assimp/files/assimp-3.0/

    Thank for all the contributors, users and everyone, who gave us feedback for our work!
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Dropping by just to say thanks for assimp, I have been using it for a recent project and I must say it's nice to have something that handles formats like collada :D
Keep it up!

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