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Cross platform filepath conventions and folder organization - Suggestions?

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I have alot of folders and files that I use for programming, and sometimes it's a pain when I manually have to go through them in Windows Explorer. To make it easier, I use a couple tricks:

1) I set icons to folders I use frequently, usually icons that can be at a glance distinguished from each other, so I don't even need to read the folder names if I'm familiar with where I'm heading.

2) I also wrap folders or files that I access more frequently with some symbol that Windows automatically sorts to the top of the folder. I usually wrap them in either '(' ')' or else '[' and ']'.

It's that second item that is causing me problems - My code is meant to be cross-platform, so I use GNU tools alot. Unfortunately, GNU tools, being designed for Unix-like systems, sporadically mess up when dealing with such symbols. sad.png

So, I'm looking for another symbol system that is compatible with Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows folder-naming conventions. Is there a "minimum requirements to be cross-platform" filenaming guide to view? How do you keep your own programming files organized for cross-platform use?

Another thing that bothers me is I'm a sucker for aesthetically-pleasing names, which is why I used brackets (symmetrically at beginning and end of the name) instead of just slapping an underscore or exclamation mark at the front of everything.

[size=2](I probably sound like a super neat freak - Actually it's the opposite, I'm pretty messy, so I try to find ways to organize and control my mess)

One thing I dislike is underscores instead of spaces. Ugh. However, since spaces aren't tolerated by some programming tools, I normally use one-word folder names or camel-case instead. They just look neater to me that way, and if they look neater, I feel happier coding, so it's kinda a psychology trick I guess.

My file directories are a mess, in bad need of organization, so I guess the real solution is to just clean up the files and folders and make sure there are no more than a dozen subfolders in each folder - even so, I'd like your thoughts on the matter. How do you keep everything rapidly accessible? (And yes, I do have a shortcut to my current project at the root directory)

More importantly, what do I need to do to make sure my filepaths are compatible with GNU tools?
I was thinking of using a new scheme of putting a numeral before each folder, followed by a period. The numeral will be sorted before the letters are, thus making any numeral-based folder rise to the top.

"Programming" would thus become "1. Programming". Does that run afoul of some Linux standards?

As an example of my current problem, this path keeps messing up some build tools:

Any thoughts?
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