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An update! First-look at all the versions of our upcoming game: Cake Nana

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First of all, Trailer!

Haven't updated my dev journal in a long, LONG time! But it doesn't mean nothing's been happening!
In fact, ALOT has happened since my last update.

I'm now much more familiar with the game engine we've been working with, CoronaSDK. Thanks to all the help of the community here, I was able to learn pick up Lua than I otherwise would have on my own! (Thanks JTippetts and yckx!)

We've gone and past through our prototype phase... alpha... beta... to finally a public demo.

A lot has happened, and it's thrilling to see how the game has evolved from simply a concept 10 months ago, to where it is today.

The came is called Cakenana. It's a mix between defense and puzzle, intended to bring a fairly non-violent (at least, no blood / gore) game to our younger audiences, to challenge them in exercising their brains to solve puzzles!

Here are screenshots of the gameplay from each of the phases:

proof of concept:



Anime Expo 2012 Demo:
anime expo demo.png

We are now on track for our release version that we are targeting to release in Fall 2012, I can't wait for the game to be complete!

Co-Founder of 3 1/2 Samurai
Eugene Suei
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Thank you Arthur!

[quote name='Arthur Souza' timestamp='1343140875']
Thats something I like to see, the improvement on different versions of the game. Good job

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