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ArcherAlec - Goblins and Fire

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This past week i've been implementing a new animation engine, along with better arrow physics and everything is now based on a 8x8 grid.
The castle is now destructible and I've added two new monsters.
Goblin Looter -
Attack Damage: Low
Health: Low
Speed: Low

Special: Loots the castle's chest and causes the player to get a lower end score on the level, so make sure these are dead!

Goblin FireMage -
Attack Damage: Medium
Health: Medium
Speed: Low

Special: Casts Fireballs that can damage the player as well as the castle and all other structures.

The player now has a cast time when shooting the bow along with an animation for it.
GoblinLooters take about 3 seconds to take gold from the chest than proceed to take it back to their base.

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