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Survival Horror Weapons ideas

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Paul C Skertich


Remember alone in the dark? Remember when you had a inventory of weapons you can use? I've been giving some thought, what if a player was inside a survival horror game and had no weapons but COULD pick up any object and use it as a Weapon. It's a realistic - just take a vase and throw it at the monster, monster goes ouch then possibly get's even more pissed. So sad, I couldn't imploy a rocket launcher in the game because 1) it wouldn't be as much fun. 2) It would be easy killing. My wife plays Rage with trainer on. Number one weapon of choice is Rocket Launcher.

I do like the idea being able to grab anything around you and bonk the enemy in the head with it - sure sounds great and realistic. We also have to contribute to the idea that 1) is the item pickable as a weapon. 2) How much damage it serves. 3) What is it's breaking point. and so on. I think if you hit someone with a vast, it'll possibly break at least I think so....Or possibly that's what the Three Stooges showed. smile.png

Last note of all, it wouldn't be cool at all if I let the player pick up a huge dining room table because man, that would be messed up. So, we'll have to give a weight attribute and give the player a strenght attribute. Car 1000 pounds, player strenght - 25 or whatever.

Share your thoughts on survival horror game weapons - they can be melee or anything else.
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Something similar to Dead Rising I suppose? Being able to pick up items and also combine them into new freaky weapons.

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Combining weapons option - possible! I like it! So, if the player wants to wrap bard wire around a baseball bat - he'll then go into his invetory attach the barb wire to bat and whamo! Nicel! Great thinking!

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Exactly! (: What if you pick a large rod and a chainsaw? You end up with an awesome spear! Hahahaha. Weight lifting gloves + broken glass? Or nails. You can make a huge recipe list and everytime the player is successful in combining two items it appers on his recipe list so he can remember hahaha. That would be a fun feature on a simple game :P

(sorry for the spelling)

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Oh dude, not only that but make it more an incentive too! So, for instance, each added on recipe would increase damage points. Possibly one that would make more blood spills and such. On top of it all, it challanges the player to constantly think! It'll add fun + challenging = more fun! :)

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