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Still alive

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I am still alive. In case, you know... you care.

It's the busy season, though. Temps are high, weather is bone dry, perfect for getting projects done, so work is slammingly busy. And when I come home, there's a smelly kid to take off my frazzled wife's hands. So I haven't been able to do much. Goblinson Crusoe stagnates. Every so often at work I'll fire up Programmer's Notepad and load up some Lua code, then just sort of stare at it for awhile. But inevitably I'm pulled away. Winters are best for slacking off at work and getting some coding done; midsummer is very much not good.

It's been so long since I did anything significant, that I'm forgetting many of the details of the code. That's what I hate about forced hiatus from coding; when I do get back to it, I have to spend so much time just munging around and trying to remember why I did whatever stupid thing I'm doing in any particular spot in the code. It's just a pain. Ya know?

Since I don't really have a whole lot to say, here is a picture of a goblin, with most of his movement points spent, staring forlornly off across an unnatural sea of lava. He is sad, though you can't see his tears. He feels neglected and abandoned. Also, he just narrowly escaped a fireball to the face from an enemy off-screen.


Never fear, though. The busy season will soon come to an end. I've got 2 weeks vacation coming up in September, and we're flying to Cali to visit the in-laws. Though my wife wants to hit up Disneyland (she's going through withdrawals, having grown up 15 min from there and now not having been back in several years) and though she also has a list of restaurants as long as my arm that she wants to visit (you know, since the only thing that passes for fine dining in northern Wyoming is a Subway restaurant 22 miles away, or the local greasy spoon cafe whose specialty is a cheeseburger with sliced peppers on it)... even given these facts, I still think I might find the time to really buckle down and re-learn my codebase and project structure, and start doing things again. There are many things I want to do. So many things needing done. I get all tingly just thinking about it.

Tingly, I say.
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I care. Please stay alive. Unless you transfer into the singularity then you know.. it's cool.

How much for beach front on the oblivion lake? I'm buying early in hopes it cools to a useful resource.

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Good read, welcome back! I know what you mean about "munging through code" Not coding for more than a couple of a weeks makes be get a little rusty and then I forget what i'm even doing in my current project.

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I hear you man, I have the same issue, I leave my codebase alone for months and come back and stair at it like WTF and ugh I don't remember what I was shooting for or even what the end game would have been.... I feel your pain.

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I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm glad to see a GC picture.

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