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Progression Report July, 26, 2012

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Paul C Skertich


I've been doing intense reading overall DirectX 11. As of now, I'm learning of shaders and how constant buffers work. What I've collected and you can correct me if I'm wrong - Vertex Shaders send data to the pixel datas. Constant buffers help with programming shaders with the directX application. So, one doesn't have to constantly write redundant shader code all the time. Constant Buffers takes in the cbuffer structs and the compiling figures everything out. High Level Shader Language allows both Vertex, Pixel and Constant Shaders to work together instead of having one Vertex Shader File and one Pixel Shader File. What I've gathered is that HLSL shaders allow greater effects like Bloom, Glow, Shaders, Lights etc.... Geometry Shaders add and remove vertexes while in the Geometry Pipeline which can be used for tesselation, and bill board generation and other particle effects.

I'm still learning and doing more intesnive research! I get a feeling sometimes when I ask for some advice its annoying. Rest assure, I'm doing research and more research, so I can ask less.

Alright, signing out - just jotting down what I've learned and will be learning as I progress. Have a great weekend!
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