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Prototype Alpha 0.001 of my E.G.L. Game

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Hi all,

i am just working on a new game.
Everything so far was rapid prototyping to get an impression how the game may 'feel'.
Even if it is still missing all the small nice feats. i would be happy about some feedback.

you can find the current version here:

- no design at all - designer wanted !!
- drive close to the walls to get more points
- 3 Levels to complete so far
- online mode works, but is not optimized yet
- it its to fast - you are to slow :-)
- no design at all - designer wanted !!


I am looking for a designer to help me with some models to make the game look like a GAME.
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hi, well as it was only rapid prototyping so far, i took me about 2 days.
Its all just glutsolidcube() calls by now. I will move it to a shader/VBO based programm now and hopefully find a
3D guy to help me with some models...

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