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The Fall of the old World

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This is a small Update on the Lore of the Game. If you find some parts cheesy, please let me know. I first want to emphasise what happened to the World and the humans to have a solid basis to work from (and dream up more stuff later).

(If you don't care about it, come back later. The next post will talk about the gamedesing choises and analysis. Later on about monsters, and maybe soon some first drafts of my own little engine ;))

The Fall of the old World
The history of these events are shady, most documents and footage got lost after the powergrid collapsed, so this is put together by word of mouth of the survivors.
It all started to fall appart when the Yellowstone vulcano erupted, shooting up so much volcanic ashes in the skies that it blot out the sun.
They weren't afraid, the people have been preparing years for this event. But then, "They" came. The demons, monsters, beasts, they were called, only leaving death and ashes. "They" came up from everywhere and nowhere. Apparently, nobody ever saw them coming. The Generals were mostly occupied with trying to figure out what country they belong to, instead of mobilizing the armory they had at their disposal. Once their communication broke down, there was nothing to stop these beasts.
The humans fleed in all directions, some were lucky enough to flee to the mountains and search refuge there. For some reason, they didn't follow them there. Others fleed to the seas, never to be seen again. No one knows if they starved, or found a save island.
No government has survived the fall either, once great countries have been reduced to a name for that particular piece of land.

The new World
Now 23 years after the erruption, the humans have set up Strongholds in the mountains all over the world, by far the largest is in the Himalaya where the majority of the humans live now.
The former Swiss Military has built huge underground bunkers, big enough to host armies. Now they host majority of survivors of Europe. They also have the largest supply of military equipment.
In North America managed to rescue many helicopters and have the most mobile force.
Each stronghold is indipendent and has it's own governing system, but their military forces are united under acommon name and leadership: "the Rising Sun". They all fight together to bring the sun back, send the monster back to the hell they came from.

The Spectres
The name "Spectre" originated from a legend in the eary days of the fall. A team of elite soldiers defeated the first wave of attack on a Swiss Nuclear Powerplant. The engineers never saw the soldiers, nor did the people of the nearby town, but through their action, they were able to shutdown the reactor and flee to the mountains. Thanks to word of mouth they became legends, they called them "guardians", but as the story got translated into english it became "Spectre".
In honor of these unknown Soldiers, the RS gave called their elite soldiers specres.
They are few but experienced, well trained and well equipped.

A spectre is not allowed to retire until 'the humans have won the war', not that any spectre has lived up to the retirement age.

RS Army and the LSR
Even though the Rising Sun still has some traditional forces, they are rarely send to combat today. Only when the Spectre did an extensive recon operation on the target and only if they can get in and out of the battlezone quickly.
RSR stands for "Rising Sun's Raiders", they started out as a advanced training group for future Spectre soldiers and have now become the military's main forces. The new recruits almost always start in the RSR Regiments, working their way up and maybe, if the soldier is dedicated enough (and survives) he or she gets promoted to a spectre.
The regiments have a solid training program, but are notoriously under-equipped. To reduce further loss of weapons and supplies, only the experienced soldiers receive good equipment, meaning that an RSR Soldier doesn't get what he needs, but what he deserves.
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