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A Beginning (also known as Why do I have to write the Damn Journal!)

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This all begins with MrDojo a member of Gamedev who began the thread Write a story for this game concept.

Welcome to Project Veritas - Our working title and I completely blame someone else for coming up with this name instead of using "Project Can't that other guy do it instead?"

The ambition is to create a horror game that will profoundly disturb you to the core of your soul (or if you don't believe in souls - make you wet your pants).

Whilst I do intend to lie to you quite frequently about plot points and monsters and puzzles...yes I did say lie, I do promise that what shall be revealed will no doubt enthrall you into new levels of boredom and suicidal levels of ennui.

The reason this Journal is being created?

Well to be honest it is completely about actually knowing what the hell we have done. It is our historical record being written in the present so be warned I shall sometimes say things that may not make sense to the reader but may in of itself be of significance to the team.

As I hadn't really intended to go beyond a fluff marketing piece with this first journal entry I shall end with the concept art for the Tower - as mentioned in the above link. I hope you like it.

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