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The Real Monster is Inside The Mind! Scaring People Sensless

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Paul C Skertich


Alone in the dark original game was scary because you didn't know what to expect. It built high tension when some flocking bird would come out - not knowing what bird was this was scary. All the player knew was it either fight or run.

Monsters are make believe - but what if the game took real life fears and made it even worse. I mean psychologically mess them up and make them poop themselves. Do you know how many times I jumped while playing Amnesia? I watch horror movies and I laugh. I am use to people yelling and throwing stuff across the room and still be calm and collected. This one client went hay wire, realy big dude - angry as all heck. Took a steel chair and throw it at the staff working at the home I resided in long ago. The male staff shield himself good thing but got banged up hard. I wanted to ensure the female staff were safe, so I escorted them out to outside while they call 911.

Being around that enviroment makes someone kind of immuned to it. However, back to what I was saying. Imagine playing a video game that would just provoke strong emotions out of the player and I don't mean SUPER MAN either. I mean tremble in the knees, anger or sadness that we face everyday. This is why sometimes games are unrealistic. Sure, it's made to make the player God like. Okay, so, saw the character is walking down a dark hallway. No weapons at all - just walking - a dark hooded figure jumps out demanding money from him. In real life the aggressor would provoke some emotion inside the victim. What I'm saying is this - if the voice actor sounds like he's acting then the player of the game will just laugh it off. Put some real emotions behind the voice and it's a whole entire ball game.

This is the direction I'm heading because I feel that real emotions will provoke alot more reactions in the player.

Why was Duke Nukem Forever so silly because all Duke cared about was getting some Junk. lol! "No body takes our babes". Okay, Duke yeah - they just did, so go ahead and cry.

Real emotions = Max Payne 3 because everyone can associate with feeling down and feeling bad about themselves. Great story line.
Horrible Emotions = Larry Suite Larry Box Office Cut - just makes you wanna bust in tears from laughter. Some parts of the game - I wasn't sure where in the world was happening...One minute this woods guy is trying to make a teen soup then when the girls are safe int he cabin they do a dance. The only way to keep the bad guy away is to set Larry's hair on fire? Oh, snap that's how he got bald! Okay! I get it now! That's his father darn, okay anyways.

You see how real emotions being provoked during a game makes either fun or not fun? Amnesia made it scary fun but also scary not fun at the same time. No weapons just only forces the player to hide - great strategy because it provokes fear. ROAR! Oh, what's that? I can't see him? ROAR!" He's getting closer, there's a closet - I'm safe now!. See? It's pretty ingenious if you tell me!

What are some of your ideas on provoking a player's emotions?
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