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Added Fog Of War via Lighting

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For a while, I've been looking for an easy way to add lighting to my games. Well, I stumbled across Light There Be Light (discussed here Sourceforge project here) and I've found what seems to be a really simple lighting library, used with SFML.

Using this library, I've added a Fog Of War element to the game. Basically, I'm just assigning a view range for my soldiers/towers/bases and making the lighting reach that radius:

// In EntityFactory::CreateSoldier()
ltbl::Light_Point *light = NULL;
// if local User, set light source for Fog of War
if (LocalUserId == userId) {
light = CreateLight(Soldier.ViewRange, position);
// Add light to graphics component for this soldier

TGraphicsObject *graphicComp = new TGraphicsObject(Soldier.ImageName, SOLDIERS_LAYER, light);

ltbl::Light_Point* TEntityFactory::CreateLight(cpFloat radius, cpVect position)
sf::Vector2u size = pApp->getSize();
double xPos = position.x;
double yPos = (double)size.y - position.y;
// Create a light
ltbl::Light_Point* light = new ltbl::Light_Point();
light->m_intensity = 1.0f;
light->m_center = Vec2f(xPos, yPos);
light->m_radius = radius;
light->m_size = 10.0f;
light->m_spreadAngle = ltbl::pifTimes2;
light->m_softSpreadAngle = 0.0f;
light->m_color = Color3f(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f);
light->m_bleed = 0.0f;
light->m_linearizeFactor = 1.0f;
return light;

This produces what I'm looking for. Granted, it looks a little weird as a typical Fog Of War, but I'm excited about the library, so I'm using it! smile.png

Here are a few pics of it with my base footsoldiers.
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very good I am just looking for it but it's not natural what do you think ?
btw Are you making a rts game too??

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Hi face08. No, I've made an RTS game in the past, but this is much simpler type game. The lighting for FOW does look a little odd, but I'm not trying to make a production-level game, but something I can have fun with.

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