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The OBJ Blues

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Paul C Skertich


The whole day I had the OBJ Blues. Textured, yes and lit yes....Sadly, one triangle would stretch out to who god knows where and missing triangles. In my mind I have a very clear image of what I would love my models to do in my game and I don't see OBJ Fitting well. I'm devising my own format that will allow animation, skin weights, morphs and possibly more! As of now, I junked out the OBJ loader and put in place the new mesh loader. I kept on looking at Rastertek's example of loading a simple text file and am slowly expanding on that idea. I really would like my models to be boneless and depend on physic driven skeletal structure. I looked at the Eurphoria engine that uses animation-less "bones" and I like that idea a lot. I also looked into Nvidia's new destruction (fracture) and I love it. It simulates real life breakage. I throw a plate against the wall - what happens, it shatters. I like the fact that Nvidia has it now in real-time instead of having to the mesh up in pieces before rendering scene. It's a great feature! I would love to have my models to have dynamic clothing and hair.

I know I am setting the bar high for myself! Apart of fracturing - I think a character should have guts inside them and actual see-through wounds.

There's alot to think about and pounder about!

You'll see a new update shortly! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
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[quote name='Servant of the Lord' timestamp='1344438668']

"I think a character should have guts inside them and actual see-through wounds."
Well, it'll make headshots alot more satisfying.

Oh definately! I want it to work with any weapon too! So, if teh character has a crow bar or a pipe it'll case the skin to bruise, split open and what not. Also, I would like to put in place a muscle system so if the character flexes you see tone definations. Thanks for the reply!

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