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Game Editor WIP - Custom Mesh Import

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In my previous blog, I took a screen shot of my first custom file import. After looking at the mesh loader - I tinked around a bit. The original converter program was in Command prompt and there was a dying need to make things a bit easier. So, I converted the command prompt application into a .NET Windows Form.

A cube is pretty interesting but a bit more complexed box shape would be better, right? So in 3D Studio Max 2013 - I created a basic Cross. Ran it through my converter application and loaded it within the game editor. The light position is somewhere in the Z axis and more on the left of the X axis.


When I was trying to take a snap shot of this picture - the editor's camera would reset itself. Four times it took to try to use Windows Sniplet! I actually thought it was comical as if it was meant to not be taken a picture of! lol!

This is one step forward and more step forwards will proceed! :)
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