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Gamescom 2012

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(This is a copy of my original post right here: http://nighttimedevelopment.blogspot.de/2012/08/gamescom-2012.html)

So, this was a pretty busy week for me. I finally finished the coding part in my Bachelor thesis and my personal website went online. Check it out at http://www.alexander-frey.de.

And then there was Gamescom! Living only a short 2 hours ride from cologne I sure didn't miss it.
Last year me and my girlfriend went there for two days. First day only for press and business and second day for everyone. This year we decided only to go for the business day.

But, phew, we were busy. Other than checking out the cool new stuff that's getting released or in development I was making sure to leave some job applications at a few developers booths.
That was quite exciting since some of those guys even took the time to talk to me a bit about the culture of their company and how they fared themselves getting into the games industry.
Anyway I had a blast doing this.

Sadly I wasn't as overwhelmed by the entertainment area this year. Somehow I had hoped to get a glimpse of DOTA2 and Guildwars2 before their release. I found a small GW2 booth with no possibility to check out their latest changes to the game. Didn't even find a trace of DOTA2.

Firefall though looked very promising and fun.

Another funny thing is the development of the League of Legends/Riot booth over the last 3 years. In 2010 it was somewhere hidden in the dining hall in a shared booth with some other games. In 2011 they had a pretty crowded normally sized booth directly in front of the entrance to the ESL area. This year they almost had half a hall to themselves it seemed. Great progress guys. Keep it up.

Okay guys, next time I'll write about the creation of some really simple yet cool LOD buildings using L-Systems that need no time to implement.
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