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Total Collision Detection Nightmare!

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Paul C Skertich


Today, I toyed with the camera collision detection system. I just want to see if I can detect if the position vector met up with the mesh's triangles and just stop there. What happened? Total nightmare! One occasion, the camera hit the wall then got slung back in the other direciton. Kind of reminded me the Swing Set of Doom in GTA 5. Another instance is when I kept on pushing W on the keyboard, I was eventually able to go through the mesh. Not good. Another instance was it stopped alright - but I was locked inside the mesh. Not good either.

So back to the drawing board. This should be fun for tomorrow.
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It sounds like you have a spherical collision zone for objects, right? Often this is the case even if the object is square and so forth. Let me know, okay?

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Yo what's up 3D Dreamer. It's actually a new implemended approach. Why waste index buffers and vertex buffers when you already got the model's vertex and index buffers plus structure already. With notion, I just feel one could reduce memory issues and increase speed. Additionally, it can be great for specifying what shot does - if he gets shot in the face then yeah enemy takes long sleep in the dirt. You know? Ever notice shoot a enemy in the foot and he'll still die? In real life - sure one can bleed to death but not actually from beign shot in the foot.

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