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Elevators, old scrolls, more sophisticated snakes and a new level

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New tile object: elevator
Elevators caused a lot of problems during development. I had some new situations that I had to handle like when a player or a snake is standing on a rising elevator and is crushed against a wall or when multiple stone blocks are on an elevator and are being lifted by it. By now I handled most of these cases.
I suspect there are still some bugs that can appear in multiplayer where the two players can cause some strange situations. (Like pushing a stone block onto a moving elevator)
A new level with elevator
I added a new level which is level 1 now so you do not have to complete the previously known levels to play it. I hope this new scene is not too difficult to complete smile.png

Bible quotes
When the player reaches the ancient book, a random biblical quote is displayed. This is selected from about 20 quotes.

Small and large level handling capability
Later I plan to have small (10x10 tile) and large (20x20 tile) levels. The game can now run in both mode depending on the parameter it gets from the html page. But I do not have any large maps yet.

A new map
I added a new map for single player mode. This is level 1 now. It can demonstrate what elevators can do.
Here is a screenshot:

Other changes:
o Pedestal can now fall and can be pushed if on a pushable stone block
o Snake movement is much nicer now
o Push plates can now be triggered by pushing a stone block on it

Comments are welcome so feel free to share your thoughts ideas!
And let me know if you managed to finish (or you did not) the new level smile.png

Edit: here is a direct link to the playable demo:
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[quote name='Black-Rook' timestamp='1345765842']
I would suggest you post the link to your game on each entry with an update.[/quote]
Good idea, thanks, I added a link to the post.
[quote name='Black-Rook' timestamp='1345766280']
Very fun! I beat the new level! [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img][/quote]
How long did it took to finish the level? How difficult do you think it is?

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It took me 2 tries because I rushed the first attempt. I then just looked at the puzzle and solved it in my head before trying, but it took roughly a minute. I found it easy but not too easy. I enjoy these games either way!

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Cool. I guess you have a lot of experience playing such games. :)

Then difficulty should be okay for now. Later on there will be larger (20x20 size) levels that could me more challenging.

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The next trap will be the rolling stone ball trap. It will be able to trigger push plates and it will smash unfortunate players and snakes. And I plan to make a map with a perpetum mobile where the traps will trigger each other in a never-ending loop. I think that scene will be the title screen for the game.

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I got stuck in level 2.. I managed to get a stone block stuck on a ladder but I could still get past it somehow. after passing it I was blocked in. Small bug :-) Great game man. I was enjoying it.

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[quote name='Lee Stripp' timestamp='1346434255']
I got stuck in level 2.[/quote]
Would you like some hint? :)
[quote name='Lee Stripp' timestamp='1346434255']I managed to get a stone block stuck on a ladder but I could still get past it somehow. after passing it I was blocked in. Small bug :-) [/quote]
Thanks for reporting that. I am not sure how could I re-create the situation.
[quote name='Lee Stripp' timestamp='1346434255']Great game man. I was enjoying it.[/quote]
Thanks :)

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