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Striated rock

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Thought I wasn't going to have computer access for two weeks while in Cali, but the wife needed a new laptop so we picked one up for her and I've been breaking it in. I didn't bring any of my projects with me, though, so I've been just messing around. Above is a shot of a quick toy, just playing with striated rock texturing. The last few entries have been pretty wordy and haven't really generated much response, so I reckon I'll forgo any more in-depth discussions of what I'm doing in Blender, but I still think Cycles is pretty cool. Might post a few more shots while I'm here in Cali, although the days do tend to be pretty busy, what with all the places the wife wants to go to eat and all the things to do.


Playing with water.


Edit 2:

Trees and fog.

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Personally I did enjoy the discussions about your blender work, just didn't have any real comment that could be made on them :)

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i've also been a fan of your work, but didn't have much to say other than "O_O pretty" [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img]

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The quality of your work always look super proffessional and I enjoy reading your entries.
Unfortunatley, I can't take part of any discussion as my knowledge in these areas are none-existing.

I can give some words of encouragement though :-) Keep it up, your work is awesome!

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