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I've got an idea!

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I remembered when I was in year 7 and read a few books titled, "Fighting Fantasy". I was just thinking that it would be cool to make a flash game like that, forcing the player to make a choice and show the player the outcome of their choice.

I will be programming in as3 and I'm still learning, though something like that wouldn't be too much for me but I guess I just have to wait and see.

Anyway, with this game, I'm hoping to start soon and with someone, preferrably a game designer so someone could draw the graphics and assets. And I'm hoping that game designer is someone first time, so I don't want an experienced designer who put a lot of work into their art when it turned out I made a crap game. Also someone that I could talk and give ideas to would be nice and they would do the same back.

Hopefully I should write the 2nd entry soon so I can give anyone interested an update.
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