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Day 568 to Day 600

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It has been a very busy month. With the launch of the first minigame, we have had a huge increase in the interest for WorldAlpha. Traffic to our site has more than doubled. With the game launched, I knew there would be feedback, but unfortunately not what I had hoped.

Some iTunes store reviews
1. Horrible - This game first started with a long download . then the game starts with no story and ur left guessing. If all u want in a game is shooting figures that barely r visible this is the game for u.
2. Crash-o-la iPad 1 with latest OS - Goes to start screen, press start game then it dies. Review changed when fixed
3. Crashed. - C'mon guys. Bad. It's an automatic delete when it crashes that fast. I mean 100% shutdown of my ipad1. I would give zero stars if the store would let me. Bad bad bad.
4. Nope - Not very good. No explanation of anything, no apparent motive to do anything except shoot. Mechanics are clunky, sounds are almost non-existent and the only high point would e the graphics.....
5. Daft controls - Your trigger is the same as your aiming mechanism - therefore lots of accidental discharges. Very slow animation as you go from rife down to the scope. Needs work.

Ouch! Not quite what I have hoping for. So, it was back to the drawing board, and looking how to make the game better. The developers were able to address the iPad 1 crashing issue, which also makes it work on an iPod too. Then it was speeding up some of the scoping, and making the gameplay smoother. We also added a few more screens to explain a little of the story of WorldAlpha. We were able to fix these issues, and have submitted an update to Apple. Here's hoping it will be available this week and will get some better reviews. To play it check out http://www.worldalphasniper.com

The Economy is Almost Done

The economy should be done this coming week. We are excited to see it all coming together. So, we hope to have some Alpha testers in the game come beginning of September to test this part of the game, as we complete the Military and Politics sections. If you are interested in Alpha or Beta testing the game, sign up here:


Here are some high level numbers for the economy.

# of Different Products: 47

These are broken down into the following categories
oBuildings: 12 + 1 special
oBusiness Goods: 2
oConsumer Goods: 10
oFood: 4
oIndustrial Materials: 9
oMilitary: 3
oRaw Materials: 6

Next week I'll reveal what the different products are. In the meantime comment on what you think some of them might be.

Lead 2D Game Artist Wanted

As we approaching completion of the economy, we are now looking to get a full-time game artist to finish off the game. Up until now we've been using contractors, and some "programmer art". So, if you are local to the Toronto area, or know someone that could help us, please check out: http://www.worldalpha.com/jobs/lead-2d-game-artist

Attention Redditors

If you are a redditor and would like to follow us on our new subreddit, we'd appreciate it!


Visit our Dev Site: http://www.worldalpha.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/worldalpha
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/WorldAlphaGame
Beta Testers: http://www.worldalpha.com/beta-testers

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I am fairly new to the world of game reviews, but as long as the review actually addresses the area people are talking about they are great. I have gotten a large number of comments telling me that my game videos are bad. However, most of the people at least state why they feel that way and I work to ensure that the next video does not have the same issues.

Just like you did. The reviews told you the game crashes iPad 1's so you were able to fix the issue.

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