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First Dev video of the game

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Any feedback people can provide would be great. This is my first Dev video and I have zero illusion that I would be good the first time out.
A couple people said that the introduction area of the video was dull and too long.
I was thinking that because the meat of the video was viewable within 10 seconds that I was okay.
Let me know what you think of the video. I have fairly thick skin and would rather have people tell me now what I am doing wrong or what I could do better.
Thank you.
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Great video!!! I love turn based games!!! Keep working on this project, we really need more turn based games like this out there!!! I've been developing a turn based game on the side for awhile now, and let me tell you it's been a rewarding experience.

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I don't see any issues with the video; the capture rate seems kind of low as it was a little choppy and hard to follow your cursor, but beyond that it seemed to get straight to the point.

I'm not sure how much you were trying to convey though; I've watched it three times and I feel lost except for the battle part.

Keep up the great work! It seems like you've put quite a bit into this and I'm looking forward to seeing it be developed!

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The reason the video's contains were a "little" choppy was from me being nervous. This video is really the first time I have shared anything of the game outside the room of friends that play/work on it.
I am planning to do a few more videos on just area of the game that I would like dev feedback on.

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