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Back with a new focus

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Well I was ment to take off 3 weeks, but things dont always work the way we want in life :-) Its been a Year and a bit since I last posted here. I'll try to explain why. I'll keep it short....

I was a 25% owner in a new online gaming company that was looking promising until the stockmarket went into freefall, oh well life's a bitch. Company folded, I moved somewhere quiet thinking I'll get stuck onto my engine and finish a game. This didn't happen, couldn't bring myself to code again, one year on and I'm back to my old self and now for the good stuff !!

vortxGE 3.0 is now under going a rewrite for Mac and ios (iPhone, iPad). It will get a slight flow redesign too , almost done. Here is a pic of the new composite Pipeline which is now just a generic Control object subclass, (Not to exciting yet) this will become clear as I update this blog more... Lets just say for now Controls are the building blocks of all subsystems in the engine. A control can be a Game Menu, a Game Level or even a AI process. So my composite Pipleline could just as well be a level really, but not needing all the features of a level of corse. This becomes a far more flexable method of constructing the engine.

more to come...

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 1.35.14 AM.png
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I should also add I have split the engine in 2 for easy future development of the Mac and iPhone/iPod/iPad versions, I was finding to many differences between the OpenGL (Mac) and OpenGL ES API (embeded devices). My code was already becoming a mess and would become even harder to work on later. Better to split the code now while I'm still sane :-P

Anyway its great to be back !

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