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Fund raising Pitch Video

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Looking for evaluation and feedback of the video.
Some questions:

  • Was the video too long?
  • Was there enough game play?
  • Was the game play that you wanted to see?
  • Was there missing information?
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Recommended Comments

Well the Internet has spoken, and the following was heard:[list]
[*]Start the video with Gameplay
[*]Keep the human's to a minimum (Unless famous)
[*]Drop the couch and film in front of a computer (with game on screen) if humans are needed
[*]Lots of Gameplay
If I have missed anything send me a message or leave a comment and I will add it to the list.

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Yea, I was kind of torn on this. The movie is very personable, but it seemed like too much face time and not enough game time. It also seemed like you focused too much on just that one segment of gameplay. I also have to agree, the couch just seems out of place (though, it looks super comfy.)

Still, a well done movie and much better than my pitch movie so far.

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We may have been able to have gotten away with only 1 segment of gameplay if we had lead with it or gotten to it much earlier then 2 minutes. However, we are trying to learn from our missed attempt and find a new way to convey our game to the world.
Yes the couch is very comfy.

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