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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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If you could participate in the poll, I'd really appreciate it! I'd promise a prize for participating but honestly I don't know if I can see who voted. So we'll see about that next week.

Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 8/24 - 8/31

Greetings to new Journal Land authors youka, LennyLen, Navyman and EngineProgrammer

Project Updates

  • WorldAlpha.com DevBlog - worldalpha has reviews from their first mini game release on the App Store, an update on the main game's economy development and are looking for a Lead 2D Game Artist
  • Beals Software logo+%20bullet.png - Programmer16 changes the premise of his SAGE demo project
  • Gnoblins - Development journal of an indie game - Ashaman73 has a look at the current splash screen for Gnoblins, still a work in progress, and also shows various stages of the image's development
  • Amateuriffic - Khaiy lays down a design outline for the prototype of his project Gekkoukan High (working title), a game influenced by titles like Persona 3, Vampire: The Masquerade and Future Diary
  • RuinValor - Birth of Talos - riuthamus has several updates this week including new screenshots with tonemapping and HDR, a look at a playable race in the game and a video demonstration of fireball casting
  • Alex Hopkins' Journal - Alex Hopkins expains why he's moving his landscape / environment engine from C++ to C# and SharpDX
  • Merry Prankster Games - gdunbar has some new screenshots up for 10 Fantasy Fights
  • Game Project #1 - Phono has uploaded to New Grounds the work done so far for his project The Wasteland
  • Journal of Lee Stripp - Lee Stripp is back after several months absence and has a new focus for vortxGE

    Game Dev Stuffs

    • Little Coding Fox's Journal Of Exotic Adventures - Little Coding Fox has developed a format converter for the open-source orthogonal and isometric tile map editor Tiled, which he's made available under the Public Domain
    • Alex Hopkins' Journal - Alex Hopkins made up a diagram in order to "visualise the flow and complete process required for a game loop using DirectX11"
    • New Old Things - Endurion adds 10 new levels and some muzzle flash in the latest steps towards making a Commodore64 game

      Other Stuffs
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[quote][b]New entry on journal: Gaiiden's Scroll[/b]
[b]Sent:[/b] Today, 04:15 AM

Servant of the Lord,
Gaiiden has just posted a new journal entry on Gaiiden's Scroll: Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land.
You can see the new entry here:

On regular forum threads, the who voted for what poll option is public... oddly, that doesn't seem to be the case with your journal poll.

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