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Not bad, if you dont like doing UVMapping you should realy check out the program 3dcoat. it makes UVmapping easy and lets you paint directly on the model.

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Nice texture! :) I find UV Mapping not so bad in Max, however depending on your software it could be a pain. What program did you use to Model and Texture in?

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It is not bad for a first model :-)

For presentation try to use a basic [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-point_lighting"]3-point light setup[/url] and activate AO. It seems that you have turned off smooth shading for model. Other then that, it feels suits the concept art quite good.

Btw. blender althought support 3d texture painting (=> texture painting).

Good work !

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Thats great for a first model, I use Blender also and its one of the best tools for texturing around (I've used XSI, Max and lightwave). Keep at it you'll find it very easy to use after a while and it also lets you paint directly on objects. It can even View project an image onto the surface, nice for photos etc..

Great job.

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I have personally never used blender but I have used maya and photoshop, as well as the tool suggested 3dcoat. I know that retopo of a mesh, as well as uvmapping can be done in all of these but I have had the easiest time with 3dcoat. Call me an avid fan but if you have not seen the videos you realy should check it out.

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