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Day 601 to Day 609 - WorldAlpha Sniper Update, Graphic Artist Flood & Beta Testing Help.

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WorldAlpha Sniper Update

Well after taking into consideration a lot of the comments from the first version of WorldAlpha Sniper, we have released a new update that now allows for use on iPad 1, iPods 4+, and iPhone 3GS. If you have an iOS, and could take a moment to download, the free app, and give it at least a 3 star review, we'd appreciate it. If you feel it doesn't deserve at least 3 stars please email us, and let us know how we can improve it.


The full version is only $1.99 and helps the continued development of WorldAlpha. We appreciate your support.


We are planning one last major update, which includes 7 different ways to play the game. This should be out in the next few weeks.

Graphic Artists Flood

While looking for a programmer in the spring, we were only about to get about 10 local candidates, but thankfully found a good programmer for WorldAlpha. So, I didn't know what to expect when we posted the position for Lead 2D Game Artist. I was a little shocked by the response. Thus far we have had over 100 local candidates. It has been amazing the amount of talent that we have locally in the Toronto area. I was surprised at the number of candidates that didn't even submit an online portfolio. If you are looking for a graphic design or artist job, be sure to always include an online portfolio of your work. In another DevBlog, I'll break down where the candidates came from, and the best sites for getting a good artist. I look forward to the 4 interviews this week, and selecting the Lead Artist for WorldAlpha.

Beta Testing Schedule and Help

We are going to have a few alpha testers into the site in the coming week. We are pressing hard to have everything ready for a November closed beta launch. We need your help. Please use your email, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other social media outlets to promote WorldAlpha. The more players to play WorldAlpha, the better the game will be.

Economy Update

The economy is finishing off this week. No guesses last week for what might be the economy products. 47 products was a lot to try to guess. This week, I'll make it a contest. The person who fills in a comment with the closest answer to the 6 raw materials, will win a promo code for the full version of WorldAlpha Sniper and a $10 credit for EarthBucks once the game is launched. Contest ends Saturday, Sept 8, 2012 at 11:59pm EDT. One hint, the icon for this article is one of them! So, guess away.

Visit our Dev Site: http://www.worldalpha.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/worldalpha
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/WorldAlphaGame
Beta Testers: http://www.worldalpha.com/beta-testers
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Recommended Comments

You know, despite having been reading about this game for probably over half a year now and having checked your site and played your iPhone game, I still have absolutely no idea about WorldAlpha itself - how it plays, what it looks like, what you do, nothing.

Your site has concept art, screenshots that tell me nothing about the game and a trailer that seems to bear little relationship to whatever your product is going to be.

I appreciate you have testers but you might engage a bit more interest if you give the rest of us a little bit more information about the game itself. Just a thought.

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Now that we have a fulltime artist, I will be revealing a lot more of the game in the coming few months. Stay tuned.

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