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Greetings to all,
From 2d project which was supposed to be AI sandbox I moved into the 3D, because I wanted to interact with characters and test their behaviours like in the "game". That was the main reason to switch project into 3d space.
What I want to implement:

  • Autonomously characters which know their environment and can interact with each other

    • Personality

      • Personality attributes (traits) and opposites of:
      • Brave
      • Friendly
      • Lazy
      • ...
      • Roles

        • Food gatherer
        • Explorer
        • Fighter
        • ...
        • Stats

          • Stamina
          • Perception
          • Strength
          • ...
          • World data gathering, collection of:

            • Terrain surface and anatomy
            • Safe / Dangerous places
            • Other families, villages and factions
            • Food sources
            • Enemy territories
            • Houses and other structures
            • Interactions

              • Social

                • Information exchange with others
                • Relationship based acting
                • Environment

                  • Smells
                  • Noises
                  • Combat

                    • Fighting in groups against enemy groups or single creature
                    • Tactical planning
                    • Threat prediction
                    • Home area guarding
                    • Acting affected by character personality
                    • Physical and Fantasy combat

                    • Some RPG elements
                    • Graphics in toon style

                      I'm also inspired with other titles like World of Warcraft, Sims, Fallout, Black & White and others, which implemented interesting AI elements in to the their game. That's it ! Next, world introduction.
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Welcome to the GameDev.net Development Journal. It think you will get a lot out of having a journal here. There are some amazing and helpful people here.

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