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10 Fantasy Fights Feedback Thread

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10 Fantasy Fights is a Merry Prankster Games demonstration game. For more information: http://www.prankster.com/10ff

Merry Prankster Games is desperate for feedback! Please post in the comments below any feedback you have on the game. Or, if you are shy, email directly: [email="10ff@prankster.com?subject=10FF%20Feedback"]10ff@prankster.com[/email]

See the first comment for some suggestions on what I'm looking for in feedback.
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Recommended Comments

Desired Feedback

Any feedback is good, but here is a partial list of things we are particularly interested in:
• General:
? What did you particularly enjoy about 10FF? What would you like to see more of?
? What parts of 10FF did you find frustrating, or dislike? What would you like to see less of?
• Software performance/reliability:
? How well did 10FF run? Did you experience any slowdowns or delays?
? How did the graphics look? Any glitches or things not looking right?
? How did the audio work? Any problems?
? Did the game experience any crashes or other catastrophic bugs?
? (If you did experience any of these problems, the more you can tell me about your system, the better. Version of windows, amount of memory in your system, graphics card, etc).
• Gameplay:
? Did you enjoy the RPG system? Were you able to build the character and party that you wanted?
? Did the RPG system (statistics, skills, spells, items, etc) confuse you, or did you have a good idea of how things worked?
? Which of the 10 fights did you enjoy the most? Which did you not enjoy?
? Do you have any suggestions for the RPG system? Skills/Spells/Items you'd like to see?
? Are there any other types of fights you can think of that you would enjoy?
• Interface:
? Were you able to control your party of heroes properly? Attack the right monsters, cast the right spells, etc?
? What about the character screens, where you viewed your character's information, items, actions, journal, etc?
? How about when you interacted with other people, like dialog, shopping for items, etc?
? What annoyed you the most about the interface? Any little conveniences that could improve your experience?
• Bugs:
? Any bug you could report, no matter how minor, would be great!

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From another thread:

Leveling up isn't obvious enough. It's easy to miss that you can spend skill points to improve your character.

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Feedback from: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=28419.0;topicseen

Ok. I saw your post about to disappear from the front page and thought, "Fine. I'll give it a try."
Issues and Things I Didn't Like:
-Water sound from river just cuts out instantly when I reach a certain distance.
-Some sounds extend too far, like that of the firepit in the Orc Infestation cave.
-Bush textures are really ugly.
-NPCs in town walk too quickly. It's fine for the player but looks strange for people who are just wandering around.
-Some different footstep sounds would be nice. Walking on grass sounds like a ceramic floor.
-This may not be your style, but I think being able to hold the mouse button down when moving would be nice instead of always having to click.
-Pathfinding got my character stuck pretty often.
-Sounded like there was some music or something, but it was drowned out by the far-too-constant bird sounds.
-The "Save Game" dialog says "Open" instead of "Save" (in the window where you choose a filename).
-I found the not-quite-45-degree angle a bit strange.
-It took me ages to figure out how to get to my character's status/equipment/etc. screen.
Things I liked:
-Decent writing that seems to have undergone some proofreading.
-Decent animations.
-The town felt kinda town-like.
-Apart from the bush textures, everything else looks all right.
-The the quest log shows where characters are located.
-The log's breakdown of the steps taken during a quest is good.
-Everything works.
Misc. Suggestions:
-Add a zoom feature, if there isn't already one hidden somewhere.
-Add the ability to rotate the camera, if it isn't already hidden somewhere.
-Maybe the quest log should show who each quest-giver was.
-When I complete one stage of a quest, it tells me what I should do next in the log (ex. "I must return to Sir Eaglemont")...but it doesn't tell me in that text field at the bottom of the screen.
-Add death animations+bodies (I'm guessing you already plan to do that).

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