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10 Fantasy Fights Gameplay Thread

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10 Fantasy Fights is a Merry Prankster Games demonstration game. For more information: http://www.prankster.com/10ff

Please post any comments or questions you have on 10 Fantasy Fights gameplay in the comments below. Suitable topics include:

  • Leveling skill/attribute choices you found interesting, effective, or otherwise.
  • Which other actors to include in a party at any level or fight.
  • Strategies for defeating any of the fights.
  • Other gameplay related topics.
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Recommended Comments

Tank Build

I've had the most luck building my main actor as a "tank", designed to absorb a lot of attacks from the enemies. The other actors that you can add to the party tend to be pretty frail, so drawing attacks to a tough main actor seems to work pretty well.

At low levels, this means having a high durability and tough armor. In the middle levels, I went with the shield style to keep my defense high. And at high levels, getting high saving throws (particularly escape) with skills and equipment seemed to help a lot.


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