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Scene concept art finished

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Well, I sat down over this last weekend and finished the concept art for the scenes that will be in Project Warehouse's demo.

I'll warn ahead of time, I'm somewhat compulsive when it comes to drawing, so my drawing is usually pretty poor; everything has to line up, be proportionate, etc (this is why I stick to pixel art.)

Anyway, the story starts with our main characters hanging out at their local bar:

After a little while, they head out to the street:

They end up going to the main location of the game, the warehouse:

Once they make it inside, they find themselves in the main room:

They can then wander to the back hallway:

Up to the office:

Or they can check out the old elevator shaft. There is no image for this one as basically all I drew was a box with a "broken cable" in the middle. It's supposed to be a POV style shot looking down a pitch black elevator shaft.

My only problem currently is that the demo is more telling the backstory; there really isn't any puzzles. We were talking about one for the bar scene and possibly one to get into the warehouse, but they wouldn't really be anything "puzzling" or very involved. With the current plans, it basically just sets the mystery for main game.

I guess my core issue would be that it basically would end up being a slightly interactive trailer rather than a true "demo."

Back to work; I'm going to start cobbling together the demo with what I have until I can get an artist enlisted.
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