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Day 614 to Day 620 - WorldAlpha Finally Taking Shape

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Well after more than a year of working with programmer art for a majority of what makes up WorldAlpha, it is nice to finally see some final artwork to be used in the game. Serge was busy all week creating icons for the different products in the game. Here are just a couple samples of this work:
Electronic Component
Bedroom Set

Graphic of the Day
Starting tomorrow, we're going to start to give you more insights to the visuals of the game by offering a graphic of the day. So, you can come back daily and check out a little glimpse more of what is happening with WorldAlpha. I hope you enjoy.

Thanks to all of you who participated in last week's contest. This week, I'm able to give you a visual answer to the question. The 4 food categories on WorldAlpha are:
Fruits & Vegetables

There were too many close answers with 2 1/2 right, so I'm going to roll over the winnings and put them into this week's contest, which again ends
on Saturday night at 11:59pm. So, this week's winner will receive a Promo code for WorldAlpha Sniper and $20 credit for EarthBucks once WorldAlpha launches. This week, I want you to name the 9 industrial materials that can be created. These are products that use raw materials, in order to create a product, that isn't an end product, but is used in constructing final products. I'll give you a hint, the Electronic Component above is one of the 9 industrial materials. Now start guessing what the other 8 are.

Military Module
The last week and a half we have been busy working on the Military module. It is starting to take shape as we have created wars, battlefields, military units, crews, and military command. Now we need to tackle a scrolling map and plugging in the mini-games. We hope to finish this by the end of the month to have this completed.

Visit our Dev Site: http://www.worldalpha.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/worldalpha
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/WorldAlphaGame
Beta Testers: http://www.worldalpha.com/beta-testers
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Wow! I think people are really going to like this style of artwork. I hope you get a lot of positive feedback from it. Personal favorite is the pineapple, but I live in Hawaii so there maybe a bias.
Nevertheless continue the great work.

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I think they look great. I would, however, say that the grain looks a little out of place. All the others are 45 degree angle shots, but the grain is top down. Maybe it could be 45 degree as well?

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Oh that pesky perspective, it is tripping these images up a bit. Mainly the car, though I can see subtle issues no one but an artist would notice with some of the other images. But, the coloring is just beautiful, better than I could do.

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The coloring and shading is excellent but Sunandshadow is right, the perspective obviously incorrect in a couple of your examples, the car being the worst. The "Bedroom Set"'s head is at a different angle from the foot, and the lemon looks sliced diagonally (and even bulges in the middle).

Honestly seems like a very weird mismatch between great coloring and wonky perspective.

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