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No More Guild Wars 2 - Back to Programming!

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I've been slacking a bit on the project because of Guild Wars 2! I've played every class other than Guardian and I'm not enjoying the game as much as I hoped to! I normally play the thief for PVP and usually rank in the top 3 on my side. World vs World was alright with the thief and if you wire people towards you that are low on HP into your own group, plus using Short Bow on crowds. Those that have read my previous Guild Wars 2 entry would know I intended to play the Engineer, which of course lasted 10 levels and I lost interest in having to swap kits all the time.

What really turns me away from this game is that each profession is not played like a typical DPS / TANK / HEALER MMO! I knew this before ever playing Guild Wars 2, but it just doesn't feel right to me. The last MMO I truly enjoyed was Ultima Online back in the day, now that was fun!!! Don't get me wrong, Guild Wars 2 was extremely fun in it's own right, but the game is just not what I was fully looking for. I must say it's a beautiful looking game, and really did an awesome job on events!

Now, back to programming my own projects!!!! I've chosen to revamp some features in my game as well, I will post those changed in my next entry.

Thanks for reading.
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I am really looking at getting GW2 on Oct. 1. Want to experience all of the different things it does as an MMO. However, I am happy to see you back at work on your project. Game developers have it rough because we, or at least I am always wanting to play new games to see how other developers handled creating different mechanics attracting players and new art styles.

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My main goal to playing Guild Wars 2 was to explore the new ways people are evolving MMO's. :)

Don't get me wrong though, Guild Wars 2 is a great game! I'm just into old school gaming.

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I was thinking about getting this; I played the original with my cousin for a while. However, I have a very addictive personality, so I try to stay away from MMOs as much as possible. World of Warcraft already ate up way too much of my development time lol.

Looking forward to seeing more progress! When are you going to put out another video?

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I'm in the process of doing so very shortly. I've changed the combat system and completed enemy movements. I'm hoping within two weeks at least. Not sure I'll have enough done to show off a boss fight, but who knows.

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