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vortxEDIT : Cocoa

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After making my first ever Cocoa app for cataloging my fish I catch, yep I love to fish. I had to start somewhere.

I just jumped right in the deep end with the vortxGE Scene Editor called vortxDEIT, this follows my old editor written in Nokia Qt using C++. But I really wanted to make a native Mac OS X app (Cocoa) for scene editing as this is my main platform these days.

So far it displays all scene node objects and the main Game View.

Screen Shot 2012-10-01 at 1.14.34 AM.png

Left : The Scenes TreeView
Top Middle : Game View
Bottom Middle : Properties
Top Right : Asset Viewer
Bottom Right : Asset TreeView

The interface may change a lot from this design, my aim is to get something up and running fast. Later I'll redesign or even remake the app.
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Thanks BR, Properties are next, I'm still learning the Cocoa API's and Objective-C so its a little painful at the moment. I do enjoy a challenge.

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Basic Property handling working, I only have the 3 properties (shown in the image) setup for now, adding more is very simple but I just want to run tests first. Any property I add is automatically available for animation (key framed).

Getting there.

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