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Nasty bugs

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Well, over the past couple of days I've found a few bugs and I've just run into one that is going to put me a little bit behind.

I basically used a similar system for managing scene objects that they did in the XNA RPG kit: I store a list of modified objects and a list of objects that have been removed. When the scene is changed, I load all of the objects for the scene, modify any that need to be modified and remove any that need to be removed. I'm finding that this works very well...except when you need an object to appear in multiple scenes (most of the characters in Project Warehouse for example.)

There has also been a huge issue with this combined with XNA's caching: since XNA stores a copy, when I'm loading an object it's not being loaded from file every time.

So, I'm sitting here pondering how to redesign it or if I even want to do that at this point. I plan on continuing to use this engine, so I'll need to correct it at some point, but there are a few ways around it for now. For instance, I could create an object for each scene that objects/characters are needed in. This honestly seems like the better route anyway, in my opinion; they can share the same sprite and it'll keep their scripts cleaner. The downfalls being more assets and I kind of lose the ability to switch control between players. I don't know...I'll have to think it through.

Back to work!

Well, I didn't think on it very long, so it may come back to bite me, but I've decided to continue forward and just use extra assets. I figure, at the most I'll end up having to alter the system and then rework some of the scene files.

So, with that, I've finished (again, minus some dialog) the rest of the bar scene and about 90% of the street scene (though, the street scene is very short and I'm not counting art.) I do need to alter the engine somewhere though, as characters need to move faster when they're scaled down. The street scene is a zoomed out view and with the characters moving at regular speed it makes me cry. It wouldn't be so bad if there was more to do on the street I guess, but there's not much to add to it.

[edit 2]
Sorry, I forgot the screenshots:
Hanging out in the bathroom again, now with my shiny new screwdriver placeholder that I did up.

I was getting some fresh air when I noticed Jon down the road, who supposedly was heading back to his motel room.
[/edit 2]
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