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A C64 Game - Step 71

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Now a little polish for Sams dark powers, they were a tad too dark to see ;)


Realistic colors are one thing, but if it hampers the gameplay they have to go. So dark powers are now white.
And animated.

Core routine is this, it redraws every char of the beam with one of four random characters:

;redraw force beam (randomly)
!zone RedrawForceBeam
          ldy SAM_FORCE_START_Y

          sta ZEROPAGE_POINTER_1
          sta ZEROPAGE_POINTER_1 + 1

          lda SAM_FORCE_LENGTH
          sta PARAM1

          ldy SAM_FORCE_START_X

          jsr GenerateRandomNumber
          and #$03
          adc #252
          sta (ZEROPAGE_POINTER_1),y

          dec PARAM1
          bne -

Most of the other changes include a call to the routine above, some are fixes for crashes that were introduces.

For one, when removing the beam item images could be clipped, a simple call to

jsr RedrawItems

fixes that.

And a little change to gameplay, if Sam moves (falls/jumps) while holding an enemy and moves too far, he loses grip on the enemy.
This is done via a little comparison between the beam start Y pos and the players pos. Too far, and the enemy is released.

          ;release beam when moving
          lda SAM_FORCE_START_Y
          adc #1
          cmp SPRITE_CHAR_POS_Y,x
          bne .SamNotFirePushed

          ;Sam needs to keep pressed
          jsr RedrawForceBeam

Have fun!


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Currently I'm working on a Zelda clone for the RGCD cartridge compo (hope to make it in time) and a Bubble Bobble clone called Catnipped. In Lemon64 there's a thread with a few screenshots, the talented graphician of for Supernatural and Soulless did his magic again ;)
Sorry, I can't link the thread since I can't access Lemon64 from the office.

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