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The Warehouse - Demo v1.0.4 (Coming Soon)

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I'm working on getting the new version out, just a few more things to clear up. So far I have:

1) Removed the 'goodbye' topic for Jon inside the warehouse; it was counter-productive
2) David walks through the bar
3) The stall's mouth verb is "eat" [ Found by Black-Rook ]
4) None of the bathroom trash can's script is filled out
5) If you use the key on the warehouse door again it tries to repeat the script [ Found by Black-Rook ]
6) Loading the state for objects without sprites is causing the engine to crash
7) Adding new setting - 'Show Help' and new help popups
8) Increased movement speed for zoomed out scenes
9) Added update system
10) Expanded miscellaneous objects' scripts
11) Changed character sprites
12) Outro/credits included

The update system is in place, but needs to be fully tested. I would have done so tonight, but I spent 2 hours trying to figure out why I was getting the error that "ChangeLog.txt" doesn't exist. I tend to forget that Linux's FS is case-sensitive (the update was looking for Changelog.txt.)

There are a few more things I want to change/fix (mainly the overlay rendering over top of the UI) before releasing the new version and I really want to have the Kickstarter ready before releasing it (I added a spot to advertise the Kickstarter in the credits.) We'll see though; I still need to create the Kickstarter image and video, finish figuring out rewards, etc.

Anyway, time for bed!
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