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Day 642 to Day 648 - Greenlight, It's a Start Finalist and Closed Beta Dates announced

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It has been a very exciting week for the team at WorldAlpha. As I mentioned a couple devblogs ago, I submitted WorldAlpha into a competition at Digifest called It's a Start. Well, the winners were to be announced this past week on Wednesday. The day came and went, and no email... So, I was a little disappointed. Well on Thursday, partway through the day I got the email that WorldAlpha had been selected as one of the 10 finalists! Yeah! So, this coming Saturday I will be given 5 minutes to present WorldAlpha for a chance of top 3 prizes. I also am getting an All Access pass, so I will definitely be down on Thursday and Friday to check out Digifest.

Steam Greenlight

Another exciting thing that happened this week is that I got WorldAlpha up on Steam Greenlight. For those of you who don't know, Greenlight is a new program put out by Steam, to showcase Indie titles that are either in development or released, and the community votes on whether they would like to play them on Steam. There are over 800s games now listed. So far the first 3 days, WorldAlpha was in the top 100 games for votes, by the last day has slipped behind. We are 14% of the way to Top 100. Over 13,000 gamers have viewed it thus far. So, if you could check it out, vote, comment and make it your favorite I would appreciate it!


Alpha & Beta Launch Dates

Well we are excited to announce the dates for alpha and beta launch. These dates are tentative, but we are going to strive our hardest to make sure we hit these dates. Alpha testers are by invitation only. One way to get considered for alpha testing is to be active on chat. Beta-keys will be given out and as we approach the dates we will announce how they can be obtained. If you haven't already, then sign-up to be notified when beta testing begins.

Alpha Test 2 - Friday, October 26 to Sunday, October 28
Alpha Test 3 - Friday, November 9 to Sunday, November 11
Closed Beta Test 1 - Thursday, November 22 to Sunday, November 25
Closed Beta Test 2 - Thursday, December 6 to Sunday, December 9
Closed Beta Test 3 - Thursday, December 20 to Sunday, December 23

Citizen of the Week Award

In order to encourage community involvement, I'm going to start awarding a Citizen of the Week award to anyone who in some way has promoted, been creative, or furthered WorldAlpha during the week. I'll make the prize of Citizen of the Week award, alpha access, plus some EarthBucks, once WorldAlpha is released. The better the idea, the more EarthBucks you might get.
Some ideas for Citizen of the Week award

1.) Create a WorldAlpha Fan or Country website
2.) Go to a popular forum and start a thread about WorldAlpha
3.) Figure out a clever way to promote WorldAlpha on Facebook, Twitter, reddit, pinterest, etc.
4.) Create some FanArt, and get it some exposure on Game Art sites

So, put your thinking and creative hats on and come up with something for Citizen of the Week. When you have completed it, put a link (or links) and a short description as a comment on the DevBlog.

Visit our Dev Site: http://www.worldalpha.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/worldalpha
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/WorldAlphaGame
Beta Testers: http://www.worldalpha.com/beta-testers

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