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Classic RPG #1 - Task 6 - Update 2 (Video)

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Hello everyone!

I've finished programming the inventory system for equipping, removing, and getting loot from enemies!

I've posted a video below:

(Watch in HD - Fullscreen for best viewing)


Thanks for watching! I will be working on a few more things before heading onto Task 7!
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Nice video, as always. I like the way the inventory system works! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the systems at work.

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Hey! The battle system, pressing a key, then moving to the enemy, pressing again, did you base those controls in another game you played before? I wonder, because its pretty interesting and I believe I haven't seen that before.

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Very interesting to see. So your goal was to KEEP it very old school? Interesting choice for sure but I like what you are doing.

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Just a question, in the world will you be able to see the armor/weapons actually on your character or is that only in the inventory?
Very cool watching the progress of this nonetheless.

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riuthamus: Yes, I'm looking to keep everything simple as one might put it.

HabitueGames: Currently you will not be able to view equipment in the world, however this is such a simple thing to program I might just add this in later.

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