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iPad 10FF

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So, my next move with 10FF is to port it to work on the iPad. In one sense, this is a little frustrating, because I've got most of the pieces ready to make a commercial game from the SENG engine. But at this point, it makes sense to take a step back and make the engine work on iOS _before_ I invest in making a whole bunch of content that might not work well on iOS.

In theory, the port won't be too bad. SENG has a whole bunch of platform agnostic game-running code, and 10FF has a bunch of content that should also be platform agnostic. The big bits that need to be ported are the graphics rendering code, and the UI code. Neither of these bunches of code are too sophisticated, so porting them shouldn't be too bad. In theory.

My current task is replacing a bunch of DirectX specific code with platform agnostic equivalents. Things like 3D math and 3D model loading. I can do all of this coding on Windows in 10FF, which is handy because I can immediately test it rather than doing a massive, monolithic port and then debug for weeks/months.

In the meantime, for a screenshot, here's a tile rendering test I did in the iPad emulator:

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I know how you feel :-), I had my engine working on Windows and Linux, But took the bold option to focus on Mac/IOS development for the future. After importing the whole engine into xcode I quickly realised it would take months to get it working again. But I wasn't happy with some parts of the old engine anyway, so I started a full rewrite. Best thing I ever did.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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