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The Mysterious Life of Aaron James - v1.0.7

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I've removed this release download as I completely broke most of it.

I've uploaded a version 1.0.7 with a lot of engine fixes:
1) Corrected issue with number keys not selecting dialogue options.
2) Switched SAGE library to Reach profile rather than HiDef.
3) Corrected textbox not being selected on input prompt (when creating a new save).
4) Corrected issue with the textbox not entering characters until they were released.
5) Corrected issue where the game would crash if you saved and then went to the main menu while the notification was still visible.
6) Change menu options to "Exit to Menu" on the in-game menu and "Exit Game" on the main menu.
7) Corrected issue with the "New Save" button not becoming visible after freeing up a space.
8) Implemented new state system to allow updating of old save files.
9) Node link states are now being serialized.
10) Improved pathing algorithm.
11) Installer now includes a shortcut to the game that will skip the update process (as well as internet shortcuts to our Facebook, Twitter, and GameDev.net journal.)

There are also miscellaneous script changes included. I'm still working on a few things with the new state system, so sadly saves are going to be broken. The issue is that there is some serious missing data:
1) When I disabled/enabled links on a map they were not serialized
2) Every object in the game was serialized with a value of false for IsVisible. This wasn't an issue until I fixed the fact that it wasn't used at all.
3) There were a few state variables that I forgot to set and so old saves are simple incompatible with Chapter 1 (this is one that I can't fix as I can't just set state variables and I can't determine if they need to be set.)

The major break is the fact that I can only change the state of an object that is currently loaded (objects in the scene or objects that have been modified); so if you saved on the street scene, I can't update Jon's visibility outside of the warehouse.

The big accomplishment though is fixing the pathing; it no longer starts moving back to the previous node all the time. There are still instances when this happens, but this is because it has found an alternate route. I've only seen this in the main warehouse room, but I'm sure it will pop up now and again; it doesn't happen every time now though.

Working on getting over another milestone as well: getting some music into the game. Cierra has a friend that is in a band, so I'm going to get with him and see what we can come up with.

Beyond that, there isn't much to report; I have finished a lot of code for Project Grue, but it is mostly base code so there isn't anything new to show. Hopefully here in the next few days I'll have shooting finished and will be able to upload some screenshots of mayhem.

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