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Making a new game

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Hello Folks!

What is this about? Well, I'm making a new game! It's about pet creatures, monsters that you have to train, combine in a team and fight against others, both in single-player and multi-player.

Cool, sounds great, but what is this blog good for? Well, the aim is to post a daily update (am I crazy or what?) about the game progression and the creatures in it. In other words, tomorrow I will show you the first creature, then, the day after, some talk about an aspect of the development, then one more creature, and so on. I'm curious to see how long I will last, the bets are open!

...also, please don't ask me about all the details of the game yet. The description will arrive piece by piece in the coming weeks, ready to be devoured by your uncanny curiosity! It is also available here: blog.creatures-of-gaia.com

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