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Full Time Indie

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Hey everyone, this isn't really an update on Archer Alec, more of an update on.. myself!

I'm now going to be working full time on Archer Alec.

I'm announcing this because Lately I've had a lack of motivation and have been procrastinating and just sitting around accomplishing nothing.
To help me transition into a 'Full Time Indie' im going to be doing several things.
-New dedicated work area (another room in the house)
-A laptop to work on the game, only having the development tools on the computer to avoid any distractions
-An actual schedule for working
-'Work days'(Monday-Friday) 'Break days'(Sat=Sun)

Removing all of the distractions and putting my self in a somewhat new environment will hopefully allow me to work more productively.
Along with all these changes, expect to see bigger updates.

Thank you guys a lot, it might not seem like a lot but all the comments/criticizing helps me a ton.
It helps me stay focused and motivated.

Will be coming out with another update in a couple days if all goes as planned!
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Thats cool! Could you post some info on yourself? Don't know if you have done so before. Your age, where you live, what you studied, all that :P

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What's your monetization plan for Archer Alec? I could see it maybe doing well using the older shareware style but with DLC: Free base game, pay for more content in large blocks.

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I'm 18, I live in Durham, North Carolina. College wise I planned on going to the Art Institute of Raleigh Durham, but I could not afford it.
Which at this point I do not think is too much of a problem.. But I was going to take the 'Game Art/Design' class.

Monetization plans for Archer Alec..., right now I think I'm going to try to sell it for anywhere between 2-5 Dollars, Potentially get alpha funding on Desura/IndieDB if people seem interested.

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I like your idea of setting a normal working week, something I don't do myself but think I should. I hope all goes well, looking forward to you updates.

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Thanks black rook!

And yeah so far the normal working week thing is going ok.. Its a little rough since its my first day doing this but I think it will be for the best.

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