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Huge mess on source control

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Hey guys,
I made a quick workaround translation today by manually translating some of the content, like monster and item names on the database, but had an actual duo language feature regarding ingame images, menu text and that kind of stuff. I didn't test it hard, but I actually setup a download link today to see if anyone wants to check it out. It will be posted in a few minutes.

So I had some issues with source control! My friend duplicated the trunk by mistake and that led me to actually commiting to the new trunk instead of the actual one and making a huge mess before figuring out everything. My 80mb source with images was weighting around 400mb by then, hahaha, including bin and obj folders.

But it was terribly easy to do the actual cleaning after I figured out what was the issue. I'm currently paying for a simple project on Assembla.com.
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