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Engine Test - Download

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Hey guys!

So I setup a download link for the small engine test I made up.

The translation is not complete yet, you guys will see some things in portuguese.

I would love to hear some feedback on controls and how things work. Remember, this is an engine test, not an actual well thought game, hahaha!

You can download the zipped version here: (53mb) barely above the 50mb limit for single file upload on gamedev.net


The following prerequisites are required:
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (x86 and x64)
Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0
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Posted a small ss up there :P hahaha its a shame that the installer is too big, because It also installs the .net client framework and xna client framework :(

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Can you provide a zipped version? I personally hate installers beyond belief!

You can provide links to the framework downloads for people who need them.

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Hahaha, will do it! It's all about the fact that I wanted to provide also the installation of the prerequisits :P

Will add some links in a few mins.

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Nice work on the game, I tried it out and it ran without any errors. Very good looking sprites too. Here are some things I came to think of/encountered when playing the game:

At first I had some trouble with the accuracy of the mouse picking. I didn't think I would have to click inside a circle around the feet of the NPC. I tried selecting the first NPC by clicking on the sprite itself (around the head/upper body) but to no success. I think it would help if there were a circular indicator when hovering (no mouse clicking) the feet of the NPC telling where I should click to interact. It could also help to have a bounding box hit zone to the sprite.

The pathfinding was a bit erratic at times. When I commanded Atlas to walk in a straight path with no obstacles along the way he would some times zigzag for no apparent reason.

A settings screen for the controls would be nice. I would change the shortcut keys from CTRL+.. to single key presses. For instance 'i' for inventory. But this is just my preference.

I saw no explanation on how to arrange or use items in the inventory. I intuitively tried dragging an item to the left hand slots but they were stuck. I ended up playing the first part of the game without using any inventory (found out I should double click later on). A small text somewhere on the screen informing that a double click operates an inventory slot would help a long way.

Thanks for a neat game, I am sure it will turn out very enjoyable with a little bit more polishing. Keep it up =)

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Thank you for the great feedback and willingness to test! I have some problems with executing the pathfinding route. Will work on fixing that now that I have the time to do so and to address everything that you indicated.

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Hahaha thanks rook! Will be waiting for feedback! :P I'll post an updated version of the game pretty soon and you guys can just replace the files. (It's gonna be a light download, those 50mb are all about the sprites :P)

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